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Kentucky Recent Headlines

Softball Sun, May 19 - NCAA Tournament - Women's Softball (36-22) beat Virginia Tech in Lexington 11-1 in the regional final of the 2019 NCAA Women's Softball Tournament.

Softball Sat, May 18 - NCAA Tournament - Women's Softball (35-22) beat Virginia Tech in Lexington 8-1 in the regional semi-final of the 2019 NCAA Women's Softball Tournament.

Baseball Sat, May 18 - Men's Baseball (26-29) lost to #2 Vanderbilt in Lexington 4-7. It was the last game of the regular season, and the Cats were in a three way tie with Alabama and South Carolina for the last opening in the SEC Tournament. Unfortunately SC won the final game of their regular season today, so UK's 2019 season ends.

Softball Fri, May 17 - NCAA Tournament - Women's Softball (34-22) beat Toledo 7-2 in Lexington in the first round of the 2019 NCAA Women's Softball Tournament.

Baseball Fri, May 17 - Men's Baseball (26-28) lost to #2 Vanderbilt 4-12 in Lexington. Despite losing, the Cats are still in a three way tie with Alabama and South Carolina for the last opening in the SEC Tournament.

Baseball Thu, May 16 - 11:00pm - Men's Baseball (26-27) are playing (as of this writing) the first of a three game series with #2 Vanderbilt in Lexington. The game started at 6:30pm (on the SEC Plus Network). The game is currently delayed due to weather. As of now it is the top of the 8th inning with one out, Vandy with runners on 1st and 3rd. The game is scheduled to resume at 11:20pm. KY leads 10-9 after roaring back from trailing Vandy 0-9 after 3 innings. This series is the final three games of the season, and Kentucky is in a three way tie with Alabama and South Carolina for the last opening in the SEC Tournament.
Update: The Cats ended up losing 10-16

Baseball Mon, May 13 - Men's Baseball (26-26) beat Michigan 7-4 in Lexington.

Softball Sun, May 12 - WOW! 23rd ranked Women's Softball (33-22) is the overall #14 seed in the 2019 NCAA Softball Tourney -and- will host first round regional action in Lexington. They'll be playing Toledo on Friday May 17th at 2:30pm, TV tba. All thirteen SEC softball teams are in the tournament (Vandy doesn't field a team). #respect!

Baseball Sun, May 12 - Men's Baseball (25-26) beat South Carolina in Columbia.

Baseball Sat, May 11 - Men's Baseball's (24-26) hopes of getting back to .500 were dashed by South Carolina 3-11 in Columbia.

Softball Fri, May 10 - SEC Softball Tourney 23rd ranked Women's Softball (33-22) won their first game of the tourney crushing Ole Miss 8-0. They were eliminated from the tourney losing to Alabama 3-6. The Softball Cats should easily get an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament

Baseball Fri, May 10 - Men's Baseball (24-25) lost to South Carolina (4-5) in Columbia.

Baseball Tue, May 7 - Men's Baseball (24-24) beat Indiana (5-2) in Lexington.

Softball Mon, May 6 - Women's Softball (32-21) ended their regular ranked 23rd in the Coaches Poll and 21st in the ESPN Poll.

Baseball Sun, May 5 - Men's Baseball (23-24) split a double header with Arkansas losing 1-9 then winning 4-3.

Softball Sun, May 5 - 23rd ranked Women's Softball (32-21) lost their last game of the regular season to Texas Tech 6-9 in Lubbock.

Softball Sat, May 4 - 23rd ranked Women's Softball (32-21) lost to Texas Tech 5-7 in Lubbock.

Baseball May 3 - Men's Baseball (22-23) lost to Arkansas 2-5 in Lexington.

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Kentucky Upcoming Birthdays
Basketball players unless noted

From May 12th - May 31st
Day Name Active Age
12Nate Sestina 2019-22
12Kevin Grevey 1972-7566
12Keith Bogans 1999-0339
12Quade Green 2017-1921
13Merion Haskins 1973-7764
14Leonard Pearson 1949-5090
15John Adams 1962-6576
17Harry Hurd 1959-6279
18Ron Mercer 1995-9743
20Enes Kanter 2010-1127
21Jamaal Magloire 1996-0041
22Robert Lock 1984-8853
23Kevin Galloway 2008-09 31
25Cedric Jenkins 1984-8854
26Ramon Harris 2006-1031
31Dick Parsons * 1957-6181

* Asst Coach 1970-80

2019 Kentucky Wildcats
Football Schedule,
SEC Standings & more

football   Who's Next?  eyes
Aug 31time & tv tbaHome
toledo Toledo (in 101 days!)

Sep 7time & tv tbaHome
emu Eastern Michigan

Sep 14time  & tv tbaHome
florida Florida

Sep 21 time  & tv tba Away
msst Mississippi St

Sep 28 time  & tv tba Away
sc South Carolina

Oct 5   Open
Kentucky Open (bye week)

Oct 12 time  & tv tba Home
Arkansas Arkansas

Oct 19 rime  & tv tba Away
ga Georgia

Oct 26 time  & tv tba Home
mizzu Missouri

Nov 2   Open
Kentucky Open (bye week)

Nov 9 time  & tv tba Home
tenn Tennessee

Nov 16 time  & tv tba Away
vandy Vanderbilt

Nov 23 time  & tv tba Home
ut martin UT Martin

Nov 30 time  & tv tba Home
Louisville Louisville

All times Eastern

Home - Kroger Field, Lexington KY
(formerly Commonwealth Stadium)

Oct 5 and Nov 2 are bye weeks

Football 2019 SEC Football

Season Standings

East Division ConfOverall
South CarolinaSouth Carolina0-00-0
West Division ConfOverall
AlabamaAlabama 0-00-0
Texas A&MTexas A&M0-00-0
Mississippi StMississippi St0-00-0
Ole MissOle Miss0-00-0
Standings are updated after all
game day action is complete

Next SEC Action: TBA

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week's SEC Football
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Kentucky Wildcats
Basketball Schedule,
SEC Standings & more

Oct 267:00  on SECHome
Transy Transylvania (exh) W 94-66

Nov 2 7:00  on SEC Home
iup Indiana U. PA (exh) W 86-64

Nov 6 9:30  on ESPN Away(1)
UK Duke L 84-118

Nov 97:00  on SEC Home
SI Southern Illinois W 71-59

Nov 149:00  on SEC Home
ND North Dakota W 96-58

Nov 186:00  on SEC Home
VMI VMI W 92-82

Nov 21 1:00  on SEC Home
Winthrop Winthrop W 87-74

Nov 23 7:00  on SEC Home
TS Tennessee State W 77-62

Nov 28 8:30  on SEC Home
UK Monmouth W 90-44

Dec 1 1:00  on ESPN2 Home
uncg UNC Greensboro W 78-61

Dec 8 Noon  on Fox Away(2)
SetonHall Seton Hall L 83-84

Dec 15 5:00  on ESPN2 Home
utah Utah W 88-61

Dec 22 5:15 on CBS Away(3)
nc North Carolina W 80-72

Dec 29 2:00 on ESPN2 Away
ul Louisville W 71-58

Jan 5 1:00 on ESPN Away
AL Alabama L 75-77

Jan 8 7:00 on SEC Home
TX Texas A&M W 85-74

Jan 12 8:30 on SEC Home
Vandy Vanderbilt W 56-47

Jan 15 7:00 on ESPN Away
GA Georgia W 69-49

Jan 19 4:00 on ESPN Away
AU Auburn W 82-80

Jan 22 7:00 on ESPN Home
MS Mississippi St W 76-55

Jan 26 6:00 on ESPN Home
ks Kansas W 71-63

Jan 29 9:00 on ESPN Away
Vandy Vanderbilt W 87-52

Feb 2 4:00 on ESPN Away
FL Florida W 65-54

Feb 5 7:00 on SEC Home
SC South Carolina W 76-48

Feb 9 1:00 on CBS Away
MS Mississippi St W 71-67

Feb 12 7:00 on ESPN Home
LSU LSU L 71-73

Feb 16 8:00 on ESPN Home
TN Tennessee W 86-69

Feb 19 9:00 on ESPN Away
Mizzu Missouri W 66-58

Feb 23 1:30 on CBS Home
AU Auburn W 80-53

Feb 26 9:00 on SEC Home
AR Arkansas W 70-66

Mar 2 2:00 on CBS Away
TN Tennessee L 52-71

Mar 5 9:00 on ESPN Away
Miss Ole Miss W 80-76

Mar 9 2:00 on CBS Home
FL Florida W 66-57

2019 SEC Tournament

Mar 15 7:00 on SEC Away(4)
AL Alabama W 73-55

Mar 16 3:25 on ESPN Away(4)
TN Tennessee L 78-82

2019 NCAA Tournament

Mar 21 7:10 on CBS Away(5)
Abilene Christian W 79-44

Mar 23 2:40 on CBS Away(5)
Wofford Wofford W 62-56

Mar 29 10:00 on TBS Away(6)
uh Houston W 62-58

Mar 31 2:20 on CBS Away(6)
au Auburn L 71-77

All times Eastern
Home - Rupp Arena, Lexington KY

1: Champions Classic, Indianapolis IN
2: Madison Square Garden, New York
3: CBS Sports Classic, Chicago IL      
4: SEC Tournament, Nashville TN       
5: NCAA Tournament, Jacksonville FL
6: NCAA Tournament, Kansas City MO

* = Exhibition game

BBall 2018-19 SEC Basketball

Regular Season Standings

South CarolinaSouth Carolina11-716-15
AuburnAuburn11-722 -9
Mississippi StMississippi St10-822-9
Ole MissOle Miss10-820-11
ArkansasArkansas 8-1017-14
AlabamaAlabama 8-1017-14
Texas A&MTexas A&M6-1213-17
Standings are updated after all
game day action is complete

Includes games thru Sat Mar 9th
Next SEC Action: Wed Mar 13th

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week's SEC Basketball
schedule and scores

Kentucky Wildcats
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Occasionally KGT will retweet family-friendly tweets of interest from other Twitter users (fans and journalists).

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Kentucky Fun Gallery
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Jokes of the Week
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Three Louisville boys were bemoaning the sorry state of their basketball team.

"I blame Jurich, the former athletic director" said the first boy. "If he'd kept a better eye on former coach Pitino, we’d still be a good team."

"I blame Pitino," said the second boy. "If he'd kept a better eye on his assistants, we wouldn't have been 'stripped' of the 2013 championship."

"I blame my parents," said the third boy. The other boys shouted "HUH?" The third boy said "Yeah, if I’d been born in Lexington, I’d be supporting a great team!"

The Mississippi State football team arrived in Lexington early for their game against KY and had some free time. One of their players thought that since he was in 'horse country' he'd go horseback riding. Unfortunately he fell off the horse and was about to be trampled. Luckily the manager of the Wal-Mart came out and unplugged the horse just in time.

Kentucky Wildcats
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Morning Tipoff Morning TipOff
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Leach The Leach Report
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ksr Kentucky Sports Radio
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Insider Big Blue Insider
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Weekly Radio Shows

Sunday Sunday Morning Sports Talk
Sundays 9am-12pm
On air: 630-WLAP
Streaming: iHeartRadio (1)

Sunday Cameron Mills Show
Sundays 7pm-9pm
On air: 630-WLAP
Streaming: iHeartRadio (1)

coach Stoops Coach Stoops Call-in Show
Will return this Fall, 2018
On air: 630-WLAP Lexington
Streaming: iHeartRadio (1), UK media (4)

coach cal Coach Cal Call-in Show
Will return this Fall, 2018
On air: 630-WLAP Lexington
Streaming: iHeartRadio (1), UK media (4)

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